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“Original Rendered Useless” Early Useless (circa mid '80s)

Rendered Useless Heads

In college, I played drums in a band called “Rendered Useless”. I'm calling them “Original Rendered Useless” here in the spirit of “Original Ray's Pizza”, because there have since been at least two other bands that took the same name. But I do believe that we were the first.

One of the great things about this band was their ability to think on their feet. While many of the songs had a concrete structure, others like Planet #12 began in the studio and were composed on the spot and recorded more or less in one take.

Bill Gould: vocals, bass, guitar, songwriter
Mike Gould: vocals, guitar, flute, trumpet, songwriter
Bill Melton: vocals, guitar, trombone, songwriter
Dean Heagle: drums
With thanks to: Jim Gould, Jane Gould, Martha Stewart, Eric Altenberg

Here's a few tracks from Early Useless. More are available on HERE

the future:

I haven't played in a band for some time, but I have kept up with my sporadic guitar lessons and I occasionally go into a studio to play drums. Right now, I'd love to get adopted by a group of Cuban seniors who still stay up playing into the wee hours.

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