portfolio summary 

many hats...

graphic designer

production designer

production manager

art director

web developer

many venues...

corporate identity


architectural graphics


web development

corporate identity

logo development

Evolve logotypes across multiple sub-brands and applications.

brand guidelines

Tailor brand guidelines to specific media and organizational requirements.


Implement polished real world designs from preliminary design concepts.

asset management

Devise user-friendly resource libraries.


production manager / production designer

clients included

Citibank / Leviton / Moen / News Corp. / Dow Jones


deanheagledesigns / Landor Associates / VSA Partners / Belk Mignogna Associates

web development

user interface

Site maps and menu/page hierarchies.

Comprehensive wire frames and client presentations.

user experience

Flow charts to determine optimal click-through.

Standardization of graphic style and page design.


HTML and CSS templates.


Simple and effective typgraphic hierarchies.

writing / editing

Collaborate on scope and style of content.

Write and edit technical documentation.


production manager / art director / UX, UI / coder / production designer

clients included

Citibank / Leviton / ITT / News Corp. / Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board


Landor Associates

architectural graphics


Large-scale environmental graphics built to scale and architectural specification.

Photo research, retouching and art preparation.

Interface with vendors and quality control.

large format graphics

Modular templates for posters produced in a variety of sizes.

Test software and hardware options to acheive optimal reproduction.


Brand guidelines for signage systems, materials and specifications.


production manager / production designer

clients included

Barclays / ITT / Altria / Goldman Saks


Landor Associates / VSA Partners


brochures / corporate reports / catalogs / periodicals

Design and implementation of compelling on-brand brochures and collateral.

Execution of complex documents from designer's sketches and comps.

Templates using precise master pages and style sheets to ensure consistency and quick turnaround.

Establish typographic and image standards for long complex documents.

Interface with vendors, quality control and supervision of staff.


production manager / production designer / graphic designer

clients included

New-York Historical Society / Trust for Public Land / American Express / KPMG / Harcourt General / Time Warner / ATT / Bulova


deanheagledesigns / Landor Associates / VSA Partners / Belk Mignogna Associates / Frankfurt Balkind Partners


This slide show only hints at some of my past work.

So far, I've played many roles including: graphic designer, production designer, project manager, art director, web developer, quality control and researcher.

My work has included logo development, style guidelines, websites, environmental graphics, collateral, brochures, corporate reports and magazines.

brand overview

Financial: Citibank; Dow Jones; Barclays; American Express; Delaware Investments; AQR Funds

Consumer: Verizon; Time Warner; Johnson & Johnson; Moen; Leviton; Scholastic‚Ä®

Social/Institutional: New-York Historical Society; Trust for Public Land; Ability One

areas of expertise

Graphic Design / Logo Design / Brand Development / Corporate Identity / Web Development / Architectural Signage / Architectural Installations / Art Direction / Templates / Long Documents / Quality Control / Collateral / Brochures / Corporate Reports / Magazines


Create maximum impact with emphasis on creating a superior user experience, increased legibility and improved comprehension.

Design and develop graphic concepts over multiple applications and formats.

Develop and refine graphic standards, typography, layout, and all other design elements.

Stay current with trends in technology, software, programming and best practices.

Create valuable relationships that last over time. Listen, communicate and develop work plans that exceed expectations.

"solutions architect"

I think of myself primarily as a problem solver. However, it has been pointed out to me that the term "problem solver" implies a problem and some people like to steer clear of anything that even hints at a problem. So, I have recently taken to calling myself a "SOLUTIONS ARCHITECT". (There are no problems, only solutions.)

I have also given myself the title of "DESIGNER PLUS", since the focus of my work is not just design, but the practical matters of user experience, legibility, budget and implementation. And I have the skill set to produce over a wide range of media and formats.

It is for these reasons that I say my design firm offers "Real World Design Solutions".


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